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Paleo Diet & Crossfit Video Series Seamless Combo

paleo diet and crossfit

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Crossfit Training: Highly Adaptable Fitness Program

crossfit training

Crossfit Training Adaptability Crossfit training is a highly adaptable fitness program that can be followed by a wide variety of different people. There are no reasons why adults, children, males, females, the young, or the old cannot take part in crossfit training on a regular. The adaptability built into the program is such an advantage when it comes to encouraging …

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Crossfit: Favorite Training Program of Professional Athletes


Crossfit – The basics There are a couple of training methods that are used by martial artists, military units, police academies, and other professional athletes. Due to its effectiveness, there is one training method, in particular, that seems to be at the top of their list: Crossfit. In the very near future, you will see more health clubs providing this …

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Crossfit Equipment Is A Smart Investment

crossfit equipment - kettlebell

Crossfit Equipment Many people are a little bit afraid to jump into work out programs that have branded names. For some reason they see them as extreme or hard to get into. The truth is that this is a misconception, at least in the case of Crossfit. Crossfit equipment is far less expensive than buying conventional treadmills, ellipticals, or weight …

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Venus Factor Review – Body Sculpting Women

the venus factor review

┬áVenus Factor Review: Overview The Venus Factor, created by John Barban, is more than just a diet and workout plan. It is a comprehensive body sculpting program for women to provide them with the tools they need to give them the ultimate female physique. Barban identified the most aesthetically pleasing dimensions for every female using his Venus Index ratio. This …

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